Uncertainty at Lenny’s


July 13, 2013 by tastytallahassee

photo_2I’ve been trying to try new places in town at least once a week. This week’s new place was Lenny’s Sub Shop in Midtown.  It’s been open a few months but I really haven’t rushed to try it because sub shops are becoming a dime a dozen here in Tally. And spoiler alert, Lenny’s isn’t much different than the others…

photoLet’s start from the beginning. I went to Lenny’s at lunch on a Monday. There were a good number of people in the restaurant but plenty of parking and plenty of places to sit. The staff was SUPER friendly, so that’s always a plus in my eyes. It was very clean, as it should be since it is still pretty new. You place your order at the beginning of the line and build your sandwich (for cold sandwiches) then pay at the end of the counter. I ordered a club because bacon. I kept it pretty traditional with lettuce, tomato and mayo but I made the biggest mistake of my day when the girl asked me, “salt and pepper?” and I responded, “sure.”

photoSalty. Soooo salty. I couldn’t even finish. Uh duh, ham, turkey and bacon PLUS my stupid salt and pepper! My husband suggested I return it, but I really blame myself for not thinking before I ordered so I didn’t dare waste their time and money by returning it for my mistake.

Anyway, the bread was good, meats are shaved in-house and everything was fine and dandy. But there was nothing about this place that stood out to me (except their Coke Freestyle Machine, HOLLA). It was just like Jimmy Johns to me. Maybe I missed it but I don’t know what is supposed to set Lenny’s apart from the tons of other sub places in town. Their website boasts authentic philly sandwiches… I considered getting one, but I am in love with Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheese Steak and would rather just go there.

So while Lenny’s was a perfectly nice place, I just don’t know if there was anything to convince me to go back. Anyone have a menu recommendation? I would not suggest the club.

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3 thoughts on “Uncertainty at Lenny’s

  1. Jersey Mikes is the bomb dot com. I’m with you on Lenny’s. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing memorable.

  2. I had the “Original Cheesesteak” and it was barely edible. Jersey Mike’s is MUCH better by a long shot.

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