DIY Pizza at Uncle Maddio’s


June 29, 2013 by tastytallahassee

Homemade, fast, fresh, freaking delicious. That sums up Uncle Maddio‘s for me. This new pizza “joint” is located on Mahan in the new Publix Shopping Center, and I had the pleasure of visiting it last week for lunch.

What’s so great about Uncle Maddio’s? Think Chipotle meets pizza. Everything is fresh and presented in front of you for YOU to build and customize. When you walk in, there’s a wall that directs you around to a pizza maker (is there an official word for this) and tons of fresh veggies, sauces, meats, etc. You then tell them what you want on your pizza. You pick all of it. So many combination possibilities. Seriously, the topping options are endless. Are you gluten-free? No problem. They’ve got you covered. Not sure many other pizza places can say that. They also serve hormone-free chicken, some organic veggies and other things that make us food people go, “YES!!” Oh, and best of all, they have personal-size pizzas so everyone can get what they want.

How does it work? Image from

How does it work?
Image from

The concept itself was enough for me to fall in love. But the execution? Beautiful. A crispy crust, plentiful toppings, flavorful sauce. Delicious. The service was quick and all the kids (yes, kids) working behind the counter were friendly. The restaurant itself is pretty small. We obviously got there right in time because it filled up shortly after we sat down. My personal pizza was more than enough and the price was a steal for the quality. If you were wondering, my pizza had traditional crust, tomato-basil sauce, chicken sausage, feta and spinach (9″ for $6.99).


If you are just too indecisive to make your own pizza, they also have specialty pizza options, salads and sandwiches/paninis. Oh! And! They have one of those Coke Freestyle machines. Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero, hollllla!

Uncle Maddio’s may be a franchise, but it can definitely compete for the best pizza in Tally in my opinion (woah, I know!). I love pizza so realize that I’m not hard to please but I thought this place was great. What do you think of Uncle Maddio’s?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Pizza at Uncle Maddio’s

  1. Great review! I want to try that place to see how it stacks up to our local places.

  2. […] DIY Pizza at Uncle Maddio’s – Homemade, fast, fresh, and freaking delicious. […]

  3. I think it’s was mediocre at best. 🙂 Have you tried Your Pie? At least they fire the pizza in a gas pizza oven.

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