First & Last Dinner at Siam Sushi


October 19, 2012 by tastytallahassee

Before I get into my awful experience at Siam Sushi, I want to pose a question for you to think about. What’s worse at a restaurant? Bad service with good food or good service with bad food?

My answer is that both are equally as bad. And that, my friends, is why I will never go to Siam Sushi for dinner again.

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. A few nights ago, some friends and I (6 of us, to be exact) decided to head to Siam Sushi for a late dinner. We got there around 9 pm (the restaurant is open til 11 on Fridays). We weren’t given a wait time but we waited 20 minutes or so for someone to clear our table after being told they were doing it right when we walked in. I have a feeling we would have been waiting longer but I gave the hostess “the stare” after about 15 minutes to let her know we were still waiting. Okay, not really a big deal – the restaurant *was* pretty busy.   Let’s move on to what happened once we were finally seated.

We were quickly given waters and menus. Good job! But then what? A server never came to our table. After another 15 minute wait, I found the hostess and asked if we had a server. “Oh no, she didn’t come over there?” Nerp. Negative.  The hostess saved the day, yet again, by finding us a server. At this point, we are starving and all know exactly what we want to order. After all, it was now about 9:40. Everyone else got sushi, but I had my sights set on their basil fried rice with shrimp. Some of my friends ordered wine and beer, a few wanted soup and one got edamame. Off the server goes to put in our orders.

Our drinks came out in an okay-time period, except one of them was forgotten (a beer). The bartender later brings it to the table. My friend asks him for a glass to pour the beer into and he says (I kid you not), “Those are a little hard to come by tonight, but I’ll see what I can do.” Ummmm.. okay.. so what you’re telling me is that you are short on glasses at 10 pm at night? Do you not have a dishwasher? Weird occurence #128 of the night.

Eventually, edamame and soups come out. I must say that I was highly jealous of my friends who ordered soup because I was getting into a pissy low-blood-sugar rage.  I guess I should fast forward to when we got our food, about AN HOUR later. That’s right. We didn’t eat our dinner until about 10:45. The food was fine, but the service was the worst I have experienced in a long time. Our server was a sweet girl (once we finally got a server, that is), but the wait time for literally everything made this one craptastic experience. Not to mention that Siam Sushi isn’t exactly cheap.. As you can tell, I was a pissed off lady that night. At least I got to spend my 2 hours at this restaurant with good friends!

For what it’s worth, here’s the Basil Fried Rice.

Price: $20 per person
Atmosphere and cleanliness:  Decently clean, nice restaurant
Food: Too annoyed to enjoy it
Service: Terrible. Never going back because of it.

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9 thoughts on “First & Last Dinner at Siam Sushi

  1. “…because I was getting into a pissy low-blood-sugar rage.” I LOL’d at that description, only because I totally understand it.

    Bad service sucks, so does bad food. Life’s too short to deal with either one.

  2. You and Two in Tally are neck and neck for worst experience at a restaurant. After an hour of not getting my food I would have left! Terrible.

    • WOW- I mean WOW. I love your very vivid descriptions. I am with Mike…I would have left after an hour. Bad food may be because of the cook and can be sent bad. Bad service….that is a place to avoid.

  3. twointally says:

    I will go back to a restaurant if I had bad food if something seemed to be good and others tell me it can be good. I will not go back for service like you got. It was exactly what happened to us at Backwoods Bistro (well, you got food, but almost!), and I will never go back. Even if all of my friends were going and I had nothing to do. And I was bored. And it was my birthday.
    Too many other good restaurants in town that I can support.

  4. I would really give them another try, maybe at lunch when they are not busy. The food is really good.

  5. LOL at least I got my food in the end! i was ready to get a publix sub but everyone else wanted to stay. probably because they were all drinking 🙂

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