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October 16, 2012 by tastytallahassee

I wrote in my post last week that I had sushi TWICE for lunch during the previous work week. What a lucky girl I am. Well, if you read my review on Jasmine, you’d probably understand why I was still up for visiting another sushi restaurant. Sorry that I am just now getting around to writing this one – but it was worth the wait!

For this occasion, my husband and I visited Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill on W. Tennessee Street. This was my first trip to that particular location (there’s another on Pensacola Street). When I walked in, the first thing that I noticed were the murals on the walls. Large, colorful, cartoony, awesome. My favorite is Godzilla fighting a robot. I think the decor is very appropriate since Mr. Roboto is definitely a college spot.

The menu at this restaurant is pretty interesting. As far as the sushi goes, there are a lot of good options. The prices are pretty cheap so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing as far as seafood quality goes (lots of krab), but sushi doesn’t always have to be fancy.  The tempura flaked-crusted “crunch rolls” caught my eye but I wasn’t feeling brave so I went with a trustworthy favorite – shrimp tempura roll with a salad. My husband went another route and ordered steak hibachi with fried rice.

After placing our orders at the front counter and paying, we made our drinks and sat down. I noticed that we weren’t the only non-students in the restaurant. In fact, there was a nice mix of people and ages at Mr. Roboto. Not sure I’d bring a baby along or anything, but the atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming. One of the neat things that Mr. Roboto has is a sauce station, which has different salad dressings, teriyaki, soy, creamy “samurai” sauce, etc. You can help yourself to these and make everything the way that you want it. I went with their ginger dressing for my salad and grabbed both soy sauce and the spicy samurai sauce for my sushi.

We didn’t wait long for our food at all. I was really impressed with the salad – it was a basic house salad but they topped it with fresh sliced asparagus and avocado. Yum! My roll contained 6 pieces and was deee-licious. I must admit, I loved this roll with the combination of wasabi and samurai sauce. I know the sauce is for hibachi food, but it was so good on this tempura shrimp roll. My husband’s meal was delicious too. The fried rice was fresh and legit with fried egg (my favorite part). There was a good amount of steak, which was actually pretty tender and well seasoned. His also came with a side of hibachi veggies which were fresh and cooked perfectly. It was more than enough food to fill us both up.

Overall, Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill was a great dining experience. The food was surprisingly good considering the price and the atmosphere was young and cool but accepting to the non-students as well. I will definitely be back!

Price: $10 and under
Atmosphere and cleanliness:  College centered but you won’t feel out of place if you aren’t a student. No issues with cleanliness.
Food: Very good, especially for the price.
Service: No problems; quick 


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2 thoughts on “Sushi at Mr. Roboto

  1. Sounds like a big win! I’m a sushi novice / scared to try much adventurous, but it’s good to have another option.

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