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September 23, 2012 by tastytallahassee

A group of businesses recently opened on Thomasville Road, including The Bagel Market and Bistro. It sits as a corner shop in a new structure; large, beautiful, sparse. It’s located right beside The Growing Room on Thomasville Road, not far from Chili’s. Unlike most new eateries in Tallahassee, The Bagel Market is almost empty on a Friday at lunchtime. It is obvious that they just opened; the place is spotless and there’s no menu on the wall, only a stapled-together paper copy that looks like a freshly-printed Microsoft Word document.  The modern logo and beautifully designed interior makes me wonder if The Bagel Market and Bistro is a chain restaurant. A little googling shows that it is, in fact, NOT a chain but a locally owned Tallahassee shop. High-five!

The menu at The Bagel Market and Bistro is very promising. I’m not an espresso-frappe-latte-chai kind of gal, but they seem to have a nice assortment of these drinks. The bagel flavors are pleasing, and they also offer breakfast sandwiches, wraps, muffins, oatmeal, yogurt and more for the morning time. The “bistro” portion of the restaurant includes sandwiches and paninis, flatbreads, wraps, “bagel dogs,” kids’ choices, sides and more. Oh, and let’s not forget the desserts – lots of cakes and other pastries.

I ordered the cuban panini with a side of baked spicy sweet potato wedges. The “panini” was more like a warm cuban – not pressed like I was expecting. It was still a good sandwich, but I would have loved it a little bit more toasty. The sweet potato wedges were coated in what appeared to be Italian breadcrumbs and didn’t taste spicy. I would have preferred them without the breadcrumbs, but they weren’t bad. Since they weren’t spicy, I was able to share them with my 10-month-old dining companion.   The plate also came out with a side of (what tasted like) ranch. I’m not sure if this was for the sandwich or the potatoes but I really liked dipping my cuban into it!

Overall, The Bagel Market and Bistro is a nice edition to the NE side of town. The restaurant was very clean, the staff was friendly and we didn’t wait long for food at lunchtime.  My sandwich was fine – it doesn’t compare to a Gordo’s or Black Bean Cafe cuban, but it was a nice deli-style sandwich. I’d go back to try the bagels and desserts!

Price: Under $10
Atmosphere and cleanliness:  Clean, new, spacious, family friendly, great for outdoor. Very nice restrooms.
Food: Nothing out of this world but not bad. Need to try more.
Service: A+

Have you tried The Bagel Market and Bistro yet? What did you think?

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