The Mockingbird for Lunch


September 2, 2012 by tastytallahassee

Before I left town for my trip earlier this week, I stopped by The Mockingbird with a friend for lunch.  I had not been there since they opened their Tallahassee location a few years ago. All I remembered about it was that it was dark inside and the lunch was a little too expensive for this state worker.  I was happily surprised to see that some things had changed since my last visit.

The vibe at The Mockingbird is upscale but casual. The servers recite the daily specials to customers who sit among local artwork and modern decor. There are no windows inside the cafe, but a mix of floating and track lighting bring the restaurant to life. My problem with this restaurant before was that it felt dark, cold and grey (of course it is hard not to be dark when you have no windows). Did the restaurant change or was it just my mood? Who knows, but I liked the scenery a lot more than before.

The menu wasn’t what I remembered, either.  Last time I got some kind of unmemorable crabcake salad thing. With this menu, I didn’t even know where to start. How about with the the sandwiches? Ohhh, the sandwiches! I love me a good sammy. Mockingbird has a nice variety of sandwiches. Check out the menu here. I chose The Carpaccio – Wheat bread, horseradish sauce, shaved roast beef, tomatoes, arugula, red onion and shaved parmesan. All sandwiches come with your choice of side, and they scored big points with me because they have french fries! My sandwich was delicious, fresh and very filling. The price hit the spot too at $8.50.  Aside from the sandwich menu, I LOVE that they offer brunch on weekdays. I am going to have to go back for some shrimp and grits soon!

The Mockingbird’s dinner menu is more upscale (see: more expensive) but looks amazing. They also have a late night lounge menu with bar favorites like chicken wings, artichoke dip, burgers and more. A little more about this “lounge” deal: Mockingbird has a separate bar area that features local musicians. I haven’t made it there yet, but my buddies in The New 76ers used to play at the cafe often when it was located in Havana so I am pretty sure that Mockingbird has good taste 😉

In summary, The Mockingbird basically rocked my lunch. Mommy note: I probably wouldn’t bring a child here.

Price: $8-$12 for lunch
Cleanliness: No issues 
Food: Casual gourmet, yummy
Service: Good

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